San Diego

Pious Raccoon Interrupts Church Service at University of San Diego

A pious raccoon caused quite a stir during a Wednesday night Mass at the University of San Diego.

A pious raccoon perched nearly out-of-sight behind the alter interrupted a Wednesday night Mass at the University of San Diego. 

Students spotted the resting raccoon on the reredos during the Mass for Peace at 9 p.m. in Founder's Chapel on campus. 

The animal was sitting so still most people didn't notice it all - until the homily when the raccoon decided it needed to make its way down to ground level. 

According to students attending the Mass, people were cracking up as the raccoon slowly climbed down. 

At one point, Father Robert turned around, saying that he was glad the raccoon was here too keep the Mass entertaining. 

"Looks like he's getting ready to make a leap of faith," he could be heard jokingly saying in the video from the Mass, as the raccoon got ready to jump down to the floor. 

In the end, the raccoon made it down safely. No word as to when he will next attend a church service. 

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