Quiet Day at San Diego International Amidst Busy Travel Season

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There was an uncommonly calm scene at San Diego International airport Thursday night.

“I’m surprised there's basically no one here which is good for me I guess,” said Parker Spall, Chicago traveler.

“It’s dead,” said Christopher Rogers, a San Diego resident. “It’s very surprising. I would imagine maybe tomorrow it's going to be quite intense here.”

Traffic moved fast through the airport and baggage claim saw its normal airport rush. 

A pleasant travel experience for people anxious to get home -- including Tania Capra, who's gone a year without seeing her family.

“I’m here to be with my family for Christmas,” said Capra. “My daughter and her husband live in Downtown San Diego so I’m all excited.”

Kasey Chayab and her husband couldn’t wait any longer either. 

“We stayed in Austin, Texas last year for Christmas and New Year and I haven't seen people in a while,” said Chayab. “Since we’re both fully vaccinated now, I decided it’s a good time to make the trip out here.”

And the Rogers were excited to not have to miss out on any more time with their son who lives out of state.

“We missed last Christmas with him because of COVID and so this is the first time we will see him in a long time and it's going to be great,” said Rogers.

San Diego International Airport officials anticipate a 20% increase in customers coming through the airport this year compared to last.

“This year we just had to figure out a way to get over there, catch up with everyone and make it happen,” said Tim Krueger, San Diego resident.

Eager travelers rush to get home after a long year of pandemic precautions. 

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