Quick Storm Showers San Diego With Light Rain for Soggy Morning Commute

The bulk of the showers will impact the county overnight into Friday, but even the densest rainfall isn't expected to bring more than a half-inch of rain

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San Diego County received the remnants of a storm system dumping inches of rain and snow on areas to the north, though its impact on the region will be far less severe, according to NBC 7 meteorologists.

The storm system developed over the Gulf of Alaska before sweeping across California from north to south, weakening before it moved into the Southern California region Thursday.

The fast-moving storm system was expected to clear out of the region in a matter of hours.

San Diego's North County saw the first sprinkles from the system late Thursday and the heaviest downpours came overnight, though they weren't much more than constant, light showers.

Motorists should be cautious on Friday morning, as that is when grounds will be most saturated from the overnight showers, NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen said.

“The timing of the rain has slowed down a little bit so some of this looking to linger into Friday morning," Parveen said. So it’s going to lift the oil on the road, it’s going to make the roads slick."

The system was, at first, predicted to bring no more than a half-inch of rain to San Diego; though, by the time the weakening system made its way south, it was not likely to bring more than a quarter-inch of rain to the area.

The storm system was expected to strengthen winds, though. Gusts in the 35 to 50 mile-per-hour range are possible for the mountains and deserts. A wind advisory will go into effect from 7 p.m. Thursday to 4 a.m. Friday.

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There is a slim chance the mountains could see a wintery mix from this system, NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen said. It is unlikely any snow will fall from this storm system.

The quick storm system is expected to clear out by Friday morning, leaving behind a dry albeit chilly San Diego for locals to enjoy this weekend.

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