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Questions Over Controversial Eastlake High Teacher's Return

Parents at Eastlake High School in Chula Vista allege there are new warning signs about a reinstated teacher just one month into the school year.

Eastlake families tell NBC 7 that John Stephens, a math at the high school, was reinstated a few weeks into the school year after he was put on leave last year for an undisclosed reason.

Already, online message boards are full with allegations of crude behavior.

"My son is in his class and he continues to have inappropriate conversations with them including his personal debt and spending habits,” one parent wrote.

Another posted that Stephens talked about his erectile dysfunction and needing to use Viagra.

"Reinstating Stephens to any school is wrong,” another said.

Parents were also talking about the controversial teacher after school on Wednesday.

"It doesn't make me feel comfortable that he's a teacher to any student here," said Eli Cash.

Leslie Toriz graduated from Eastlake High School a few years ago. She says Stephens' issues were known then. Her little sister and cousin had him last year.

"I know my cousin says he was kind of off – just, again, his attitude towards kids. So that's something that would concern me as a parent,” toriz said.

A representative for the Sweetwater Unified High School District said neither it nor Eastlake High School can comment on the personnel matter. The spokesperson did say the district takes the allegations seriously and that they are looking into it. Though what that means exactly, he refused to answer. He also did not answer why Stephens was asked to leave last year or why he was reinstated.

NBC 7 also reached out to Stephens' teachers union and has not heard back.

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