Pursuit Suspect Confused by Street Signs

An officer tried to pull over the driver for illegally turning right on red


A driver who led San Diego police on a pursuit for several miles and taken into custody at gunpoint told officers he was confused by street signs.

A motorcycle officer tried to pull over the driver, a 25-year-old from Nepal, near Interstate 15 and Friars Road for turning right at a “no right turn” corner.

The driver didn’t stop and kept traveling for about three more miles officers said.

It wasn’t until the black 4-door Honda slowed for traffic at Montezuma Road and Collwood Boulevard that officers were able to throw a spike strip down and end the pursuit.

At that point, several officers pulled the driver from the car onto the ground and took him into custody.

The driver holds a valid California driver license but told the officer he was confused by the street signs.

He was arrested for failing to yield to emergency equipment and the original failing to obey traffic signs.

The suspect's vehicle was driving at a normal rate not doing any evasive maneuvers.

No pedestrians or other vehicles were threatened officials said.

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