Pursuit Suspect Shot, Killed by CHP Officer

A California Highway Patrol officer shot and killed a man who led officers on a high-speed pursuit early Sunday in El Cajon, according to Lt. Glenn Giannantonio with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

The suspect, whose identity has not yet been released by the Medical Examiner's office, was struck by an unknown number of rounds and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a news release from the sheriff's department.

No CHP officers were injured during the shooting that occurred at the intersection of La Cresta Road and Greenfield Drive.

Officers tried to pull over the suspects' 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe about 2:30 a.m. after noticing the vehicle was speeding and driving erratically. The driver led CHP officers on a high-speed chase that began on the eastbound Interstate 8 near the El Cajon Boulevard exit.

The suspects' father later identified him as Anthony Osorio, a 27-year-old construction worker.

"CHP initially asked us for assistance with a traffic pursuit involving CHP," Lt. Amos said. "My understanding is that we (the Sheriff's Department) did not actually get involved with the pursuit. It had terminated by the time we arrived on the scene."

At times reaching 95 miles per hour, the Tahoe exited Greenfield Drive in El Cajon and swerved onto La Cresta Road, police said.

The SUV then lost control, rolled and came to a rest on its wheels, the driver jumped out and ignored orders to show his hands, according to the press release. He then made a motion that officers interpreted as him reaching for a weapon.

"Fearing the suspect would shoot them, one or more of the officers fired their service weapons at him," Giannantonio wrote in the release.

A bullet-riddled SUV at the location where the man died had windows blown out and collision damage on the driver-side, according to video obtained from the scene.

Giannantonio has not yet responded to questions about whether any weapon was recovered from the scene and the press release did not include that detail.

The father told NBC 7 that he can't believe his son is dead.

"They shot him they murdered him, that's the way I look at it," said Ted Orsorio. "They murdered my son."

Ted said he doesn't believe his son was reaching for a weapon.

"I see the pictures of him dead and he's lying right next to his car," he said. "Right next to the door like they shot him right there."

Ted told NBC 7 his son was good man who got married at 18 years old, with two young children.
He said Anthony worked in construction at night on the freeways, with a good relationship with officers.

He says the entire family has already been hurting because Anthony's brother, Andrew, committed suicide just three months ago. Ted said the pair was very close.

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