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Puppy Recovering After She is Shot in the Head

A 9-month old puppy is recovering after she was shot in the head in Alpine.

Her family said they posted a plea on Facebook after Nylah went missing around 3 p.m. last Friday. She was found nearly six miles away from her home near Japatul Road days later.

According to the family, Nylah had been beaten and there was a strange wound on her head.

NBC 7 spoke to Dr. Chamkaur S. Brar, D.V.M at Country Pet Hospital on Thursday. He treated Nylah for her injuries after her family found her.

Brar said the owner's husband initially thought the wound was caused by an animal attack but after an x-ray, they discovered the bullet in her head.

The family does not know who shot Nylah.

Fortunately, the bullet did not penetrate into the bone and her brain, Brar said.

“She’s lucky. She’s very, very lucky to survive," he added.

Brar told NBC 7, he believes Nylah slipped away from the owner's home because she was in heat but added that she is not an aggressive dog.

"The dog is very nice, not aggressive--very sweet dog," he said.

He added that he believes the shooter appeared to have the intention to kill Nylah.

The dog's owner told NBC 7, she has not filed a report with police yet since she is currently in Texas. 

She said she wants the person responsible to face animal cruelty charges.

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