Punk Rocker Sues City Alleging Injuries in Police Car Crash

A punk rock musician is suing the city of San Diego over injuries he suffered when a police patrol car slammed into a City Heights bar.

David Quinn, also known as Davey Tiltwheel, performs in a band called Tiltwheel. 

On September 10, Quinn was in the Tower Bar when the building was damaged as the result of a vehicle collision.

A police car was sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver, sending the cruiser into the Tower Bar, according to published reports.

Quinn suffered serious physical, emotional and economic injuries, according to the civil lawsuit.

Those who were at the bar at the time of the incident remember what happened vividly.

“You heard the loudest bang you ever heard in your life,” said one witness who identified himself as Dave. “There was a cop car lodged into the wall of the bar.”

According to the lawsuit, a traffic collision report “concluded the unknown hit-and-run motorist violated California vehicle code for unsafe movement to the right.”

The police officer was traveling at an unsafe speed, according to the suit.

The San Diego Police Department responded to our request for a reaction to the lawsuit and told NBC 7 that the department does not comment on ongoing litigation. 

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