Protesters in Chula Vista Demand Better Roads

Neighbors marched through Harborside to voice their opinion

“What do we want?” “Paved streets!” “When do we want them?” "Now!”

That’s what people in Chula Vista heard as neighbors voiced their opinion of the condition of the roads in Harborside Saturday.

Protesters marched through the southwest side of the city to decry what they see as disregard on the part of the City of Chula Vista.

"We feel neglected, we feel upset, we feel that we've been lied to,” neighbor Gerard Yescas tells NBC 7 of the City.

The head of public works, Rick Hopkins, and a lieutenant with Chula Vista police toured around the area with protesters.

Organizers of the protest say they are fed up with potholes, trash and other safety hazards on the roads.

"It's not that we don't want to do the work," Hopkins says. "It’s that we don’t have the resources to do it, and I think we've turned the page on that, and beginning in April the city will start receiving funds and we'll see some work happening." 

After the march, Organizers say the City promised to start repairs in Harborside in the next two weeks.

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