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Proposed Connector Ramp Stirs Controversy in Mission Valley

Some residents say a connector ramp would disrupt the quiet community

A proposed connector ramp in Serra Mesa and Mission Valley has stirred up a controversy among the community.

On Thursday, the city's planning commission listened to the public voice their thoughts about the project. Some residents would like the Village Style Community of Civita to remain a quiet, pedestrian-friendly area, while others are more interested in reducing traffic congestion.

The on and off ramp would go right through the community and connect to Interstate 805, said city officials.

One Civita resident, Larry Wenell, who worked as an architect and planner, criticized the project.

"In my experience with 40 years as an architect and planner, I look at this and go this is not good regional planning," said Wenell. "It’s really old, autocentric type of planning."

The community of Civita is expanding, as more homes continue to be built in the neighborhood. Currently, residents living in the area use Mission Center Road as an access point to the I-805.

Supporters of the ramp said that the road is overly congested, especially during the peak hours of commuting.

"If we don't put the connector road in, it’s going to increase the amount of traffic that funnels from Mission Center Road which is the only exit out of the development currently," said Ruth Valentine, a resident of Serra Mesa.

"The connector road would help ease the traffic and actually make it easier for the residents in the Civita area," added Valentine.

On the other hand, some residents have been working to stop the proposal for years. The City Council has rejected this project in two previous occasions.

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