Prop 8 Fight Gets Ugly

Arrests, a scuffle and vandalism - all tied to the controversial ballot measure


First there were multiple arrests for campaign sign theft, then punches were thrown at a protest in Bakersfield and now a San Diego family is reporting vandalism that they think is tied to their support of Prop 8.

The Lopez family woke up Saturday to find three tires slashed outside their Bay Park home.  Susan Lopez believes the message is in response to her Yes on Prop 8 sign.

With signs secured, Lopez says her opinions cannot be compromised. And she says neither should her opponent's.

San Diego Police arrested someone in Pacific Beach last week for stealing signs but dropped the charges when the suspect agreed to return the signs.

Police in Carlsbad made two arrests this past week and say two more cases are being investigated.

Meantime, the fight over Prop 8 turned physical in Bakersfield. Video shot by a protester Friday night shows 55-year-old Ken Mettler, an area "Yes on 8" campaign leader and a Kern High School District Trustee in a scuffle with 20-year-old San Diego resident Rob Badewitz.

Badewitz said he was hit in the jaw. According to Mettler, the fight broke out after Mettler went to remove "Yes" on Prop 8 signs that had been defaced. Mettler said he was defending himself.  Neither of the men was arrested or pressed charges.

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