Program Helps Kids Understand Importance of Social Distancing Over the Holidays

Little Medical School offers children activities to help them understand what the pandemic is and practices on how to stay safe

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The December holidays are typically joyous events filled with plenty of food, gifts and time with loved ones but this year's celebrations are sure to look different since gatherings could be dangerous due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Explaining to children why some traditions may not be fulfilled this year and why they may not be able to get too close to loved ones who aren't members of the same household could be a challenge. This is tough because even if a family is getting together with possibly just grandparents, everyone is going to have to distance themselves.

There are some ways to have those conversations with your kids ahead of the holidays. NBC 7 spoke with a health care educator on the best ways to explain to your kids why holiday celebrations will have to be at a distance this year.

Dr. Mary Mason, founder of Little Medical School, said getting kids involved in activities that explain what is happening now these days will give them a better understanding of the pandemic. Little Medical School offers children just that.

The program has fun, after-school programs and summer camps that are full of activities and exercises that show kids what doctors, nurses and other health care workers do.

There, children also learn the importance of eating well, exercising and there are even lessons on the coronavirus pandemic. The kid-friendly courses explain why we wear our faces and kids their own social distancing kit.

The most important take away -- get your kids involved and motivated to help the cause of staying healthy. This can be as simple as using a household item to get children involved in the process, like a tape measurer.

“This is something that they can do and then they can also share with their family, this is the distance that we’re supposed to stay apart. Especially if you’re doing a holiday meal, measuring that out," Mason said. "Believe it or not, kids love these types of activities and they really work so well."

Mason also added that this can be a perfect opportunity for kids to learn a little bit more about the health care field and what it entails since COVID-19 is such a huge part of our everyday lives.

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