Probation Report Unveils New Details

The man accused of shooting and killing a long-time San Diego police officer would still be in prison today if a judge had enforced a recommended sentence, according to court documents.

Holim Lee, 30, is suspected of shooting Officer Christopher Wilson during a gun battle last month in Skyline. Lee, Wilson and Lee's girlfriend, 27-year-old Lucky Xayasene, died.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sontag gave Lee a year in county jail instead of the four-year prison recommended by a probation officer for robbing a home.

Lee, 30, and Xayasene were discovered dead some eight hours after gunfire broke out with police and U.S. marshals serving a pair of warrants for Lee, a former seaman with the U.S. Coast Guard. Police officer Christopher Wilson was shot and killed.

One of the warrants, issued July 30, accused Lee, a former seaman with the U.S. Coast Guard, of assault with a deadly weapon. Another, dated Oct. 19, was issued for violation of terms of his parole in an armed robbery case.

Lee's family told The Associated Press that he had hoped to climb the ranks of the Coast Guard but had turned to drugs and crime after he left the service in 2005.

His brother Hojin Lee said Holim Lee found it "very difficult to live as a civilian."

Wilson, 50, was a 17-year veteran of the city police force with two children.

Lee's family issued a statement saying they were "horrified by the circumstances" of Wilson's death.

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