Scripps Mercy Hospital

Prisoner Fires Round Inside San Diego Hospital After Reaching for Officer's Gun

A prisoner at a hospital was tased and restrained after reaching for a deputy's gun and firing at least one shot Saturday afternoon, said the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Around 3:30 p.m. a deputy at Scripps Mercy Hospital was prepping to move an incarcerated person back to jail after being medically evaluated and treated. During the departure from the hospital room, the incarcerated person attacked the deputy, attempting to take his firearm, SDSO Lt. Karen Mullins said.

The incarcerated person then voiced suicidal statements during struggle while the deputy tried to get his firearm away from the person and regain control of the person, according to SDSO.

At one point during the fight, the deputy's firearm was released from its holster, allowing the incarcerated person to grapple and discharge it. The incarcerated person was taken back into custody and the firearm was secured.

The deputy called for help and the SDSO, San Diego Police Department and the hospital's security all responded to the incident.

No bullets left the hospital room and shortly after, regular hospital operations resumed.

The deputy received a broken hand and wrist from the event and there is no threat to the hospital or the public, authorities said.

San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital officials have been evaluating the incarcerated person and detectives are continuing to investigate the incident.

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