‘Pretty Bad': San Diegan New to Houston Has Never Seen Flooding Before

San Diego native Paul Yoon has been living in Houston for about five months now. “I never thought that I would see that, but I'm here in Houston and it happens here.”

Yoon has never witnessed severe weather. “People’s homes are just destroyed, people have gotten pretty bad, you know.”

He said people in the area were advised to stock up on groceries and water weeks before Hurricane Harvey was expected to hit. “Groceries were like out of stock, shelves were completely empty.”

Yoon told NBC 7 he is lucky that he only had had to struggle with several leaks on his roof, and has distributed buckets throughout his home as a temporary fix. He said he knows he’s one of the people who are fortunate because others are going through difficult times. “People in boats, in rescue boats going to people’s flooded homes to get them out of there,” said Yoon.

Yoon says one of the positives in this heartbreaking disaster is the unity he has witnessed among complete strangers. “You see people opening up their homes and things like that it’s just nice, and it’s needed right now, so it’s good.”

Yoon says it was still pouring down pretty hard Sunday night, and he knows that the flooding will worsen tomorrow. He says people are just waiting for the storm end, because only then can people begin to assess the real damage and begin to rebuild

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