Preparations Underway in the East County for Wildfire Threat

One Alpine man plans to stay and protect his priceless tributes to Pearl Harbor survivors

People in Alpine are taking every precaution they can think of, ahead of a wildfire threat.

Some residents told NBC 7, they don't plan to leave if the call comes to evacuate during a major fire.

Terry Ulmer has lived in a home tucked in a valley in Alpine for the last 20 years. He said he has built everything, including a pilot house from a 1943 Fletcher-Class Destroyer.

An exact replica of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile sits in the front yard, right next to a mk-10 Twin Arm Missile Launcher.

It's all in honor of Pearl Harbor survivors.

Next to the pilot house is a garage full of pristine, classic cars.

Ulmer’s property, filled with priceless items, has been threatened before by the Witch and Cedar Fires.

He told NBC 7, he's not taking any chances and is ready to pull water from his backyard pool.

"I've got 150-feet of fire hose hooked up now. I've got another 100-feet on my cart. It's best to go out to the fire instead of letting it come to you," Ulmer said.

He added no matter what happens over the next couple of days, he won't be leaving.

But firefighters say if it's a mandatory evacuation, everyone in that area should get out quickly.

"It creates a hazard for the firefighters and for them as well," said Bill Paskle, Chief of Alpine Fire Protection District.

Alpine Fire has two engines with three firefighters until Thursday morning--then they'll add an additional firefighter to each engine.

The department also has one engine with four firefighters in Ventura County helping fight the incredibly destructive Thomas Fire.

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