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Premier Skate Park Designers Open New Park in Vista, Hope to Attract World's Top Talent

Any San Diegans targeting the 2024 or 2028 Olympics to show the world their skateboarding prowess should head on up to Vista and get some runs in while they wait.

CA Training Facility, designers and builders of skateboarding courses shredded in the world’s premier competitive events, just opened a street and park course in the North County.

The reason behind the opening is fairly simple: they want people to come there and skate.

When the world’s most elite professional skateboarders face off at events on the Dew Tour, X Games, Street League or Vans Park Series, they’re giving their best tricks on courses designed by CATF. The only problem is, those courses are built on location just days before the event and tore down once they’re over.

So what’s a professional skateboarder to do when they want to familiarize themselves with CATF’s style before the circuit season? Well, now they can come to Vista.

“We thought it’d be a great thing for them to have a place to call home and come and train year round,” CATF President Jeff Jewett said.

Jewett said the facility offers elite-level membership packages for the sport’s top contenders which will help get the park’s name out there while also boosting the buzz around the county’s underground skateboarding scene.

The facility also offers more basic membership programs, like its development program designed to teach and mentor young skaters and keep them riding for years to come.

CATF designed and built Prince Park in Oceanside and just finished a brand-new park in Chula Vista that’s receiving global recognition.

Jewett said anyone that wants to get involved at the Vista complex can simply show up to 1410 Vantage Court, or visit or @catrainingfacility on Instagram.

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