Pregnant Mom, Daughter Have Same Due Date

Vanessa and Aurora Doorly of Chula Vista are both due to deliver Dec. 15

From heartburn to mood swings, you may experience the pitfalls of pregnancy with your sister or your best friend.

But if you’re 20-year-old Aurora Doorly of Chula Vista, you do this with your mom.

Not only is her mother – Vanessa Doorly, 36 – also pregnant, the mother-daughter duo are due on the same day: Dec. 15, 2014.

“I’m having her sister, and that’s my grandson,” said Vanessa, who described being pregnant with her daughter as “fabulous.”

Aurora, on the other hand, has taken time to warm up to the idea.

“Just to know my mom’s having a baby at the same time, it’s weird, but we’ll do it,” she said.

When Vanessa discovered she had the same due date as her daughter, she said she was stunned, excited and scared to tell Aurora.

“I didn’t want to steal her thunder,” she explained.

Aurora eventually came around, even participating in a dual baby shower.

“After a couple nights of thinking about it, I felt better because I knew she was feeling the same thing I was feeling and I would have someone there who could tell me what’s going on,” Aurora said.

Even in pregnancy, Vanessa is still very much Aurora’s mom, doling out advice and support.

“She calls and tells me, ‘mom, I’m feeling this. Are you feeling that?’ I’m like, ‘yes, I am. It’s normal. Don’t worry,’” Vanessa said.

As their nine-month journey together comes to an end, hospital bags are being packed at both Vanessa’s house and Aurora’s house. The two plan to deliver at the same hospital.

“Hopefully we’ll get the same room. But if we don’t, (family members) will just have to run through the hallway to each room, not to different hospitals,” Vanessa said.

“I would love to be right next to her while we’re both having the babies,” she added.

Vanessa and Aurora agree this experience has brought them closer, and they hope the babies will have the same unique bond, even if the little girl is the little boy’s aunt. (Think “Father of the Bride Part II.”)

The kids will be spending a lot of time together.

“My mom’s going to be going back to work full-time, so I’ll be taking care of my sister and my son at the same time,” Aurora said.

This is Aurora’s first child. It will be the third for Vanessa and Aurora’s father, who also have a 14-year-old daughter.

Earlier this month, a mother and daughter in Florida gave birth at the same hospital less than three hours apart.

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