Pranksters Strike Surfer Statue Again

A statue of a surfer was attacked but not injured by a papier-mache shark in Cardiff on Saturday.

Pranksters constructed the shark's head around the statue, called "The Magic Carpet Ride," without damaging it sometime in the early morning hours, sheriff's officials said. Papier-mache fins were spotted across the highway earlier in the week, and had been moved closer in the last two days as if the predator were stalking its prey, the North County Times reported.

The statue, created by artist Matthew Antichevich, has been a favorite target of pranks since it was erected in 2007 at Chesterfield Drive and south Coast Highway. 

Some said the surfer was striking a pose that's effeminate and said the guy looked like a ballet dancer.

So, some wise guy locals took matters into their own hands and dressed the sculpture up – in a skirt, bikini top and wrestling mask. Everyone we talked to at the time seemed to get a chuckle out of the gag. Dozens of people took pictures and posed with the less than fashionable model.

“Whoever put it up there did a lot of work to get up there. I think its great,” Ted Williams said.

Well, apparently not everyone was happy about the makeover.  Two men showed up and would have no more of this fashion show. They stripped off the skirt, bikini and mask, to a few boos from onlookers.

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