Powerball Hopefuls Look for Luck in $1.3 Billion Jackpot

Since there was no winner in Saturday’s $900 million jackpot, the Powerball prize for Wednesday’s drawing is now $1.3 billion – and at least three locations in San Diego have paid out as Powerball winners before.

One of San Diego’s luckiest Powerball retailers is a 7-11 on Cass Street in Pacific Beach – they’ve paid out two winners so far. It’s one of three Powerball vendors that have paid out multiple winners according to Powerball.com.

After a customer won a $400 Powerball prize last week, another spent $1000 in tickets to hopefully win next week’s jackpot.

Mychelle Pritchard chose to pick her numbers there.

“I got the winning lotto ticket. I hope!" Pritchard said.

The Ralph’s on Alta View Drive has also awarded two winners in the past along with the 7-11 on East 8th Street in Chula Vista that has also paid out two winners.

Pritchard already knows what she would do with her winnings.

“I would help out my family and I would buy a house and I would do a lot of traveling, “she told NBC 7.

“So many things you can buy! Hopefully a nice house to help out my family for sure, “player Reymar Mendoza agreed.

While Powerball hopefuls are looking for all the luck they can find, in reality the odds of winning the jackpot are one in 292 million – so really good luck.

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