Poway Woman's Texas Hometown Underwater After Harvey

A woman who grew up in Texas said some of her family and her old hometown are devastated by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Christina Querido, her husband, and their four children live in Poway. She told NBC 7, she grew up in Old Katy.

"That is Highway 90, that's the main road and back there is my aunt’s house," explained Querido, pointing out the locations to NBC 7. "That’s Avenue D, that's the way I would go to get to my house."

Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm, made landfall in Texas Friday, bringing torrential rain and more than 130 miles per hour winds. The storm caused flooding in dozens of counties. 

Querido said her family members tried to evacuate but were met by flooded roads. Now, her aunt is dealing with another threat--tornadoes.

"My family is hiding in a bathroom," Querido said.

She added that she was frantic on Saturday when she could not get a hold of her aunt. 

"Finally, [my aunt] got word out to somebody that they were fine," she said. "The tornado passed by, it didn't actually touch down so they didn't get any property damage."

Monday evening, Querido chatted over Skype with her brother who lives near the Addicks Reservoir.

Querido said water in the area is rising.

"There is about three-feet of water in the Midway Grocery Store," said Querido’s brother, Michael. "Canned foods off the shelves and stuff like that. You know anything under three feet is floating."

The storm system could make landfall again sometime this week.

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