Poway Woman Killed While Riding Her Bike

The woman was riding with her boyfriend

A 50-year-old Poway woman is dead, after she collided with a curb on her bicycle and veered into oncoming traffic on Sunday.

The woman and her boyfriend were riding along Rancho Santa Fe Road near Calle Barcelona in Carlsbad, when they crossed three lanes of traffic to make a left turn, police said.

The woman apparently hit the center divider and tried to regain control and was hit by a passing motorist.

"What we had was a bicyclist who was traveling northbound in the number one lane," said Carlsbad Police Lt. Marc Reno. "She actually was approaching the turn lane, she bounced off the curb, bounced off her bicycle, came back into the travel lane and she was struck by a car."

Police said the person driving the Nissan Sentra tried to stop, but could not stop the car fast enough. The woman was drug several feet after she was hit, eventually becoming pinned underneath the car, detectives said.

The woman's name has not been released.

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