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Poway Tip Jar Thief Sentenced to 10 Days

He must pay back the tips he stole, in addition to a $696 fine

A Ramona man was sentenced to 10 days in jail Wednesday after stealing money from tip jars along Poway Road in January.

Kenneth McDaniel, 20, distracted employees at four restaurants, a coffeehouse, and an ice cream parlor before pocketing their tips, the San Diego City Attorney's office said.

He was caught stealing on one of the restaurant’s surveillance cameras, which the owner then uploaded to social media.

The caption read, “This dirt bag felt entitled to grab the tip jar of our valued employees today. Somehow he felt he deserved the generosity you give for the great customer service in our establishment more than them. Help us make him famous.”

The video then gained traction and users were able to identify the man as McDaniel.

He was arrested shortly after.

On July 12, McDaniel pleaded guilty to three counts of petty theft.

“I’m glad that these hard-working employees will be made whole,” said San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott, a former waitress herself.

McDaniel will have to take a shoplifter’s course and pay back the tips he stole, totaling $93, in addition to a $696 fine.

He is banned from the six stores he stole from for three years.

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