Poway Teen Creates Global Card Campaign, Spreading Messages of Kindness

A Poway teen created a card making campaign called Cards4Kindness which has 380 ambassadors located around the world

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A Poway teenager began a card making campaign to thank those in the frontlines of the pandemic. The group sends messages of thanks to healthcare workers, uplifting notes for seniors, or patients who may be feeling lonely.

"I think a lot of teenagers nowadays we feel so helpless right now and it's really hard," said Jessica Ong. "We don’t know what to do, but what we can do is give that support to people in the form of a card."

Months into the pandemic 14-year-old Ong decided she wanted to do something to help others. This small act of kindness got started at her home and has spread across the country, even the world, through an Instagram page.

 Cards4Kindness has more than 380 ambassadors located around the world.

"It makes me want to care for people more when I see that complete strangers are sending so much love to each other," Ong said.

Ong started her project online in June and she's already seeing the impact.

"One of the seniors that I gave a card to messaged me back and said that he put it in his office and it has a permanent spot there, so it's just so heartwarming," she said.

The Westview High school student has chapters across the country and the world, including in Thailand, where her grandmother lives.

"I don’t really see her a lot and it is kind of difficult, you can't connect or see them, but, cards make it better," said Ong.

Ong said she feels empowered during a time of such uncertainty and wants others to join in on the project.

"We’re kind of looked over because of our age sometimes, but this kind of lets us know that our voice is just as powerful," she said.

Cards 4 Kindness hopes to continue spreading joy, Ong said they've made more than 1200 cards and do not plan on stopping.

"Thank you to the healthcare workers for everything you’ve done, we recognize how hard you worked and we wish that we could be there with you, but we want you to know that we support you and we’re here for you and that even though you can't see us, we want you to know we’re behind you," she said about a card she wrote.

For those wanting to help out, click here.

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