Poway Golf Course Adds ‘Golfboards' to Get Around Green

The Maderas Golf Club is the first Troon-managed course in California to incorporate the electric-powered boards

A golf course in Poway is now using a new set of wheels to shuttle players around the links: a surf-inspired, motorized vehicle known as a “GolfBoard.”

The Maderas Golf Club located at 17750 Old Coach Rd. has introduced GolfBoards as an alternative mode of maneuvering from hole to hole.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the vehicle – which looks like a cross between a skateboard and a golf cart, or a hoverboard-meets-Segway – allows golfers to cruise the green in a manner that feels similar to snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding.

According to the GolfBoards website, the vehicle increases the pace of the game compared to golf carts, making it possible to get 36 holes under one’s belt in five hours. Its top speed is 14 mph.

The electric-powered ride is made by Sol Boards, Inc., of Bend, Oregon.

The GolfBoard made its grand debut two years ago at the West Coast PGA Show. Since then, the unique vehicle has steadily gained traction on courses nationwide.

Golfboards are now being used on approximately 150 courses across the U.S.
Maderas Golf Club, which is managed by the world’s largest golf management company, Troon, is the first Troon course in California to feature the GolfBoard.

Maderas Golf Club general manager Michael Flickinger said the club believes the addition of GolfBoards will help grow the game and attract younger players to the links – especially those in Southern California who already love skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

“It’s a vehicle they’re comfortable with, and it makes the game faster and more fun,” Flickinger said in a press release. ‘We see this as an exciting new way for golfers to experience the game.”

Golfboard spokesman Brent Duclos said the terrain at scenic Maderas lends itself to “GolfBoarding.”

“The undulating fairways coupled with majestic canyon views provide for a perfect GolfBoarding canvas,” Duclos said.

Maderas Golf Club is currently renting out GolfBoards for $20. The boards can be reserved while making a tee time reservation online. Renters are required to watch a safety video and sign a waiver before hitting the course on a GolfBoard.

Check out the GolfBoard in action at Maderas in this short video below or here, or check out the GolfBoard website.

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