Poway’s Jackie Foster Competes on The Voice

The Poway High School graduate is living her dream

Jackie Foster, the Poway High School graduate making a run on the current season of NBC’s "The Voice" is living her dream.

Foster, who has been singing since she was 8 years old, is preparing for the show's "Knockout Rounds" which start next week. 

Now, 22, Foster said she's always considered herself to be a normal kid growing up in a great community. 

"I love music. I always wanted to do it. But you grow up with these big dreams and you always hope that you will accomplish them but you never know if they will happen," Foster said when she visited NBC 7 studios on Tuesday.

Foster returned to her high school campus Wednesday to visit teachers and staff members who she said she supported her. 

Kelly Clarkson is like a favorite aunt, she said. 

"She has been through this. She's done a competition and she won," she said, adding that Clarkson gave her many tips to help her get through the first phase of the competition.

She did so well, she was "stolen" by host Adam Levine who she describes as the opposite of Clarkson. 

"Adam is very to-the-point. He's so driven and knows what he wants," she said. "He really challenged me on my song."

Blake Shelton has a "phenomenal track record," she said but she was hoping Clarkson would be her coach.

"To be able to have the woman herself turn around for me and believe in me," she said. "There are no words to describe what that moment is like."  

You can watch Foster on The Voice Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC 7.

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