Poway Students Video Chat With Superstar Taylor Swift

A Poway middle school class got an extra special English lesson on Tuesday afternoon: a video chat with mega superstar Taylor Swift.

Shrill choruses of “Hi, Taylor!” filled Tiffany Daher’s classroom once the pop star came on the video screen.

Twin Peaks Middle School was just one of two schools in the United States chosen to chat via Skype. It was part of a Scholastic initiative intended to promote the importance of reading and writing.

The pop star was in New York and chatted simultaneously with Twin Peaks students and fifth graders from Troy, Michigan. A group of students from New York also chatted with Swift (in person).

Swift shared about the books that influenced her songwriting and how writing shaped her career.

“I wouldn’t be a songwriter if it weren’t for books I read as a kid,” Swift told the students. Books “train your imagination to believe more exists than what you can see.”

Responding to questions about her writing, Swift said she grew up writing in a journal, noting that’s how she expressed her emotions.

“Journaling is what made me discover that I loved poetry,” she said.

Daher, a language arts teacher at Twin Peaks, said her class was chosen because of her close involvement with a Scholastic national advisory board.

Her students were brimming with excitement.

“It’s really awesome to do this,” gushed Twin Peaks student Megan Chavez. “I’m excited to see what she thinks of things” and her writing advice.

The full video chat will air here starting at 10 a.m. (PST) Wednesday.

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