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Post Memorial Day, San Diego businesses eyeing a profitable summer season

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Memorial Day weekend has long been considered the unofficial start to the summer season.

Plenty of local business owners consider the summer months a crucial time for their business.

“We are expecting a huge business increase through the summertime as always,” Mission Beach Rentals Employee James King said.

Double-digit percentage increases during the summer months are not out of the norm, according to some San Diego business owners.

“Probably 30 to 40%. Spring and summer are the biggest time of the year,” King said.

Summer tourism is a big boost for many businesses in the San Diego area.  

In 2023, 31.8 million people visited San Diego, spending $14.3 million dollars, according to the San Diego Tourism Authority.

About how much are tourists spending in San Diego during their visits?

“Between leisure, play and entertainment and food, probably anywhere from, if we are down here for four to five days, probably anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500,” tourist Dustin Topp said.

The San Diego-area local governments also benefit from the boost in visitors and businesses, typically seen during the summer months.

In 2023, the tourism industry generated over $1 billion in sales, property and other taxes countywide, according to officials.

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