Port District Seeks Restaurant Proposals for Imperial Beach Pier

San Diego port district officials have issued a request for proposals to develop a restaurant at the end of the Imperial Beach Pier, in the spot currently occupied by Tin Fish.

In a statement, the Unified Port of San Diego said the district, in partnership with the city of Imperial Beach, is looking to redevelop the coastal restaurant site at 910 Seacoast Drive. Locally based Tin Fish Restaurants leases the space from the port district, under an agreement that expires April 30, 2016.

Port officials said a reconfiguration of the existing building is “highly encouraged,” to best utilize space, attract customers and enhance operations and revenue. The port district may also offer the future operator a location at the foot of the pier, to set up a food cart.

Responses are due by 1 p.m. Dec. 15, with a tenant expected to be chosen in January. Information is on the Port of San Diego’s portal at PlanetBids.com.

The Imperial Beach action follows previous moves by the port district to consider new development proposals for the current site of Anthony’s Fish Grotto in downtown San Diego and rental car lots being vacated at Harbor Island. Officials are seeking to maximize port revenue derived from long-term commercial leases of prime waterfront property.

Port officials are expected this month to select from three developer proposals for the Anthony’s site.

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