Pond Scum = San Diego's Green Gold?

San Diego would be a major player in the nation's multi-trillion-dollar energy economy if a group of local researchers succeed in turning algae into a commercially viable transportation fuel, something they think they can do within a decade, the voiceofsandiego.org reported.

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"[It] is the scientific challenge of our generation," said Stephen Mayfield, a cell biologist and associate dean at the Scripps Research Institute, referring to the need to cure America of its 200-billion-gallon-a-year oil addiction. "And algae is the answer."

The consensus is that the technology exists to make algae-based fuels commercially viable within five to 10 years. Others say it could be less than four years. But there are daunting economic and political obstacles.

For the full story read the voiceofsandiego.org article "Trying to Turn San Diego into the Green Houston."

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