San Diego

Police: Suspicious Fires at Local Restaurant Under Investigation

San Diego police are investigating two suspicious fires in the back of a local restaurant. 

The fires happened this month at Surati Farsan Mart, an Indian restaurant off Black Mountain Road in Mira Mesa. 

Police said the first fire sparked November 8. Police believe someone set a pile of rags on fire behind the kitchen in a storage area. 

Employees said that the next fire happened Monday around 3:30 a.m. when no one was supposed to be in the building. 

According to one employee, the flames spread up a wall, jumping to the ceiling. Burn marks could be seen days later on some walls in the storage room behind a shelf. 

Both fires were put out by firefighters and no one was hurt. 

Police added they believe the fires were lit intentionally. They are unsure at this time if there is one suspect or multiple. 

Thursday, San Diego sheriff's deputies were at the mart investigating a separate civil dispute involving an employee. They said they had been investigating it for about a week and were not aware of the fires. 

The owner of the restaurant said he has surveillance video that he plans to hand over to the police. 

Police said the investigation is ongoing. 

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