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Woman Describes Hearing Sirens, Noise During Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting in Lemon Grove

"Just seeing his life just go to waste for poor decisions," said Minerva Frausto.

A Lemon Grove woman, awakened to the sound of sirens in her backyard, says the fatal shooting involving several local law enforcement agencies was heartbreaking to witness.

"Just seeing his life just go to waste for poor decisions," said Minerva Frausto. 

The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. after La Mesa police officers saw a gray Ford sedan stopped at a green light with the door open at Fletcher Parkway and Baltimore. When an officer approached the car, he heard some screams and then the car drove off, leading to a high-speed pursuit through La Mesa and Spring Valley.

The pursuit ended on Rebecca Way where three suspects got out of the car and took off.

One suspect began firing a handgun at law enforcement officers. The shootout happened on Frausto’s property. 

Frausto told NBC 7, she was woken up by the noise and sirens coming from the patrol cars. The suspect who was fatally shot had run into her backyard and hidden behind a palm tree.

"They were telling him to come out, they knew he was there," said Frausto. "It was just a matter of time before the dog got him."

One suspect was killed, a second suspect was taken into custody and the third fled the scene.

Some neighbors said they watched the incident from their windows, stunned.

"I mean, sorry this had to happen," said Greg Gaut, Frausto’s neighbor. "But they did tell him, you know, 'Put the gun down' and you don't listen, it's what happens."

The law enforcement officers involved in the shooting are with La Mesa police, San Diego police and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

As of Thursday night, an investigation is ongoing.

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