Police Response Time Questioned After Woman Spots Possible Prowler

A woman in Bankers Hill is concerned for her safety and worried about police response times after coming face-to-face with a stranger through her apartment window.

The incident occurred Monday morning at an apartment building on W Ivy and Brant streets.

Marissa Marxen said she was working on her computer when she heard footsteps, and then a voice outside her first-floor window.

"He was saying 'Is this the second floor? Can you let me in? I’m trying to get to the second floor. My friend lives there,'" Marxen said.

She told NBC 7, her mind started racing and she thought about the suspect on the loose, accused of sexually assaulting a woman after crawling through an apartment window Thursday in Little Italy.

Hoping for help with the man lurking outside her window, Marxen called 911.

A San Diego Police Department spokesman told NBC 7, an officer arrived four minutes after being dispatched.

But Marxen’s chat log shows from the time she placed the call at 2:24 a.m., she was on the phone for 19 minutes before an officer arrived.

"I’m just thinking what happened last week to the other woman, I could have easily been a sexual assault victim in that 19 minutes that it took police to get here," she said.

Marxen said the man lurking around her window also targeted a neighbor as well but police were not able to find him by the time they arrived.

While SDPD touts major crime at historic 40-year lows, response times are something the department is working to improve.

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