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Police Launch Investigation to Find Man Accused of Poisoning Water

Home surveillance video footage shows a man creeping around a Rolando front porch and tampering with a 5-gallon drinking water jug.

San Diego police have opened an investigation to find a man responsible for tampering with a homeowner's drinking water in an incident caught on camera. 

Surveillance video shows the man tip toeing across a Rolando front porch at 12:39 p.m. Tuesday morning.

The man, seen with a cigarette tucked behind his ear, crouches down and removes the cap of a five-gallon Sparkletts water jug.

Investigators believe he poured liquid concentrate plant fertilizer from a bottle sitting on the porch into the water jug.

"It's bizarre," said homeowner Kristina Gagne, who does not recognize the man. Her only explanation is that he confused her house for one belonging to someone else.

"At first I was mad, but when people started saying 'he tried to poison you, this is attempted poisoning,' that's when I got kind of scared," Gagne told NBC 7.

San Diego Police detectives took several items from the porch and will carefully examine them for evidence.

Investigators also went through the neighborhood asking other homeowners if they have surveillance footage to identify the man better.

If found, the suspect could face a felony poisoning charge.

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