Threat Made Against San Diego School Through Burnbook App

San Diego police are investigating a threat of violence to the Del Norte High School campus in 4S Ranch posted on an app called Burnbook Wednesday.

Del Norte Principal Greg Mizel says once the threat was discovered, officials immediately called the SDPD.

However, they do not believe the message is a credible threat, so school will continue as normal Thursday, though they will have police officers on campus.

They are still trying to determine who posted the message. If they discover the person, "they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Mizel said in a Facebook post.

The Burnbook app allows users to post pictures and texts anonymously, modeled after the "Burn Book" made famous by the movie "Mean Girls." In the film, students use the book to write hateful rumors about other girls.

A student at New Directions in Poway says the app is being used the same way — for cyberbullying. People at Westview High School have started a petition on to have their community permanently deleted from Burnbook.

According to the app's terms of service, users must be 18 years old to use it, or 17 with a legal guardian's permission. It also says Burnbook may not be used for illegal purposes, bullying, harassment, threats or abuse.

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