Police Invade SDSU Campus

Local police issued tickets to students as part of a countywide traffic law crackdown

No, it’s not a massive drug raid; it’s “cite day” at San Diego State University.

Dozens of police from a multiple jurisdictions gathered at SDSU today to issue citations and parking tickets as part of a countywide program to crack down on traffic laws.

Once a month, police from other agencies go to one area to help out a specific department. At SDSU today, there is a police officer from every jurisdiction in the county at the school, so instead of the usual four officers writing tickets, "cite day" means between 40 and 80 officers on campus.

Officers from all different agencies, such as Chula Vista PD and El Cajon PD, circled SDSU and issued tickets for a variety of minor offenses.

The increased officer presence was noticed by SDSU students and faculty. Typically, SDSU’s own police force patrols neighboring streets around the campus.

“I think it is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars,” said an SDSU employee who wished to remain anonymous. He witnessed students have their skateboards confiscated and saw many people receive parking citations.

People have taken to Facebook to vent their frustrations.

"These police officers have been at SDSU since 8am and they're still at it by giving out tickets," wrote one student.

"College students already pay enough for school. Go pick on someone else!" Melissa Gilbert posted.

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