Police Arrest Sexual Assault Suspect

A sexual assault suspect is in custody Sunday morning for allegedly groping a sleeping woman in an Ocean Beach apartment. 

Police arrested the man in the backyard of the victim's residence around 6 a.m. this morning in the 2100-block of Abbott Street near Voltaire Street.

The man entered the apartment through an unlocked door, according to San Diego police. The woman was sleeping on the couch. Her two roomates were also at home during the attack.

The female victim pushed the man away, ran into the bathroom and locked herself inside while she called 9-1-1 for police officers.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect, but he is described as a Hispanic, male adult with a bald head wearing a dark hoodie. The suspect may have a prior history of similar attacks and investigators are checking if he is also responsible for similar assaults in the same neighborhood.

"Well, whenever we arrest somebody of this magnitude we always try to see if there's a nexus to other crimes in the area ... " Officer Brian Goldberg said.

If you have any information about any prior, similar crimes in the area, call San Diego police.

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