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Officer-Involved Shooting Under Investigation in Escondido: PD

Investigators were not sure who made the initial call reporting the death of 70-year-old Elizabeth "Betty" Seitz.

Escondido police officers, investigating a death inside a home early Friday, were confronted by a family member who brandished a gun. An officer opened fire, killing the family member, homicide investigators said. 

Officers were called to the home on James Street to investigate the death of Elizabeth "Betty" Seitz. Officers arrived at 7:06 a.m. and spoke with her son, Damon Seitz, at the home while they were investigating, officials said.

Then, at 7:50 a.m., shots were fired inside the home and Damon Seitz was killed, Lt. Justin Murphy said. One officer was inside the home at the time. Two officers were outside, he said.

Officers attempted CPR and called for medical assistance. Seitz, 40, was taken to Palomar Hospital West where he died from injuries, Murphy said. 

No details were given on the type of gun used. No shots were fired Seitz.

"For whatever reason, this person decided he was going to brandish a firearm and threaten the officers with that and they had to defend themselves," Murphy said. "What caused that, or what happened with that, we're not sure yet."

Investigators were not sure who made the initial call reporting the death of 70-year-old Elizabeth "Betty" Seitz. Cause of death has not been released.

Murphy did not know if Damon Seitz has a past criminal history or any history of mental illness.

According to neighbors, he was a quiet person and had stopped talking to people three years ago. He lived alone with his mother inside the home.

The shooting has shaken up some residents in the area.

"From our experience, this is a really great, safe neighborhood, people know each other, so i'ts horrible and I think the biggest concern to me is that it's so close to a school," said Abby Dunlea.

Police had crime scene tape blocking traffic to James Street, near Valley Parkway.

Orange Glen Elementary School is less than a mile from the scene. 

Escondido School District officials tell NBC 7 they have been in contact with the police but have no reason for a lockdown.

Principal Rick Ausby said he was aware of an incident outside of the school and spoke with two officers who told him it involved a medical emergency.

There is no danger to the school at this time, he said.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

The community has been on edge since Tuesday, when a driver was caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting.

Cathy Kennedy, 55, was shot in the head while driving east on Grand Avenue around 9 p.m. Police said Kennedy was returning home from church function when she was struck by a stray bullet, causing her to lose control of the car and crash into a parked vehicle.

The suspects have not been identified yet. Escondido police have asked the public for help to solve the crime.

Murphy said the shooting on James Street is not believed to be connected to Tuesday's homicide.

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