Pokemon Players Prompt ‘Suspicious Activity' Calls in Coronado

A group of young people were recently spotted stepping off an Orange Avenue median into traffic without looking up from their phones.

Then, a Coronado city park had to be cleared of persistent Pokemon Go players at around 2 a.m.

These cases are among an uptick of calls for service to the Coronado Police Department for “suspicious activity,” the department reported on Thursday.

The suspicious activity is groups of people glued to their cellphones in hopes of catching a Pokemon monster as part of the wildly popular new game.

Coronado police spokeswoman Lea Corbin said officers haven’t seen people playing while driving, though they have received calls about cars stopped in the middle of the street that turned out connected to the game.

As a result of the flurry of reports, officers put out a message on the department’s sign trailer: “No Pokemon and Driving.”

The sign is visible from the toll plaza as you exit the Coronado Bay Bridge onto the island.

“We try to stay current on crime and traffic trends in the local area, and any other messages we need to convey to motorists,” Corbin said.

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