Point Loma Residents Protest New Development

Proposition D sets a 30-foot height limit on coastal communities

Some residents in Point Loma took to the streets Saturday in hopes of stopping construction of a new building.

Neighbors say a loophole was used to make this building about 10 feet taller than code allows, and they are calling on the mayor to stop the project.

A developer building two duplexes in the Roseville neighborhood said they are following all the rules and the project has been approved by the city, but Proposition D sets a 30-foot height limit on coastal communities.

"It was kind of a shock and awe, all of the sudden 'boom, here it goes'. Development starts. It's moving 100 miles per hour,” Robert Jackson, Chairman of the Board of the Point Loma Association said.

Residents say the development is ruining their quality of life, view and character of the neighborhood.

“The mayor, as the executive of the City of San Diego, can put a stop work order in as soon as possible,” Jon Linney Chair of the Penninsula Community Planning Board said.

If that doesn’t work, opponents of the project say they plan to take legal action.

NBC 7 reached out to the construction company Pacific Enterprise, but the person who answered asked who we were, and then said we had the wrong number before hanging up.

Residents plan to have a meeting this Monday at 6:30 p.m.

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