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Point Loma Neighbors Take Crime Deterrence Into Their Own Hands

Point Loma residents are taking security into their own hands following a rash of break-ins in their neighborhood.

They say several cars and mailboxes have been targeted in recent weeks.

It’s a densely populated neighborhood with several cars parked on the street at any given time. And every homeowner and tenant has their own mailbox, so the street is lined with those, too.

Neighbors think that combination makes their neighborhood target-rich environment for thieves, so they’re putting them on notice.

One woman, who wished not to be identified for fear of retaliation, is posting signs warning her neighbors not to leave their vehicles unlocked or anything of value in their mailboxes.

The woman told NBC 7 her husband's car was broken into twice in as many nights

One of the most recent incidents involved a car parked along the road that had its back passenger side window smashed and back seat was ransacked.

Another woman, eight months pregnant, had important personal documents stolen from her car over the weekend. She had just filed her taxes last Friday and still had her boyfriend's visa, her green card, and social security cards for her, her children and grandchildren in her purse.

Police say they are investigating all reported incidents

“This has generally been a really safe neighborhood. Pretty quiet and so to have the feeling that people are out casing the neighborhood makes you feel pretty unsafe."

Neighbors say they do watch out for one another but, the break-ins were happening overnight.

Since the warning signs were posted there have been no new reported thefts.

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