San Diego

Plugging in at San Diego's International Auto Show

More and more people charged up over electric cars

The San Diego International Auto Show is in full gear. Among the main attractions at this year’s show is the line of new electric cars set to enter the market.

NBC 7’s Consumer Bob hit the floor and talked to attendees and some experts.

“The electric car movement has arrived,” says Eric Cahill program director for non-profit Plug-In America.

“I say that in two to three years everyone will be joining the party.”

During this year’s auto show, more electric cars were featured than at any auto show here in the past.

Advocates at the Eco-Center exhibit are putting their energy into pushing for more charging stations, and to drive down prices for the electric vehicles.

Some attendees at the show are inching closer to buying their first electric car or hybrid.

“I remember them years ago when they had batteries sticking out everywhere and antennas on 'em, it looked like something from outer space. But now there are some really pretty cars in here, some really nice looking cars,” said attendee Doug McMurray.

The car show runs through Sunday at the San Diego Convention Center.

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