La Mesa Pizza Shop Also Offers Hookah Delivery

GiGi's Pizza, an eatery in La Mesa, offers customers the option of having a hookah delivered to their home alongside their pie

A La Mesa pizza shop is giving a whole new meaning to the "one with everything" order, offering customers the option of having a hookah smoking pipe delivered to them along with their pie.

As first reported by the "San Diego Reader," GiGi Pizza -- located at 8733 Broadway -- is offering this unique pairing.

GiGi Pizza owner San Aqrawi said he's hoping to one-up the competition by offering his customers not only his first love, pizza, but his second -- hookah.

“It started as a joke then it turns out to be a real thing and now I do it,” Aqrawi told NBC 7 on Friday night.

Here's how the hookah-pizza combo works: GiGi Pizza offers a 24-hour hookah rental to patrons for $14.99. This includes tobacco for two -- enough to last more than three hours. Plus, the business will deliver the hookah package right to your front door along with your food order.

Aqrawi says delivering the water pipes with pizza is cheaper than opening a hookah lounge. As it stands, there are already a high number of hookah lounges within the pizza place's 5-mile delivery radius.

“To get into the hookah business we would need remodeling, which we can’t afford right now,”Aqrawi explained.

He says combining a pizza shop with hookah makes sense siince he already has a delivery system and sanitation  requirements in place for the food.

However, not everyone agrees with the new tobacco takeout option.

American Lung Association spokesperson Debra Kelley says inhaling hookah delivers more tar and nicotine than cigarettes and there have been several reported cases of carbon monoxide poisoning stemming from the recreational activity.

Kelley also says people have transferred disease by sharing a mouth piece.

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