Pink Slip Friday

A Message to Sacramento

It's called Pink Slip Friday, a day to rally and wear pink in support of teachers who received pink slips or notices they might be out of a job. Hundred of teachers, students and parents rallied throughout the state Friday, protesting budget cuts to education and possible teacher lay offs.   

In San Diego County, they rallied early Friday morning at Castle Park High School in Chula Vista. "It's pretty devastating, needless to say. Many of us have a lot of years in education, but we're new to the District," said Kate Trongale, who received a lay off notice.

Early Friday afternoon in Poway, they rallied outside Midland Elementary School. "Teachers are losing their jobs and they don't deserve it. They're doing fine," said fifth grader Tyler Merritt. 

By four o'clock, people lined up along overpasses throughout the county.  They held signs and waved as motorists below honked their horns in support.

So is Sacramento listening?

"We're listening, we're listening," said State Senator Christine Kehoe, who represents the 39th District.  She said there is more money coming from the stimulus package, from the tax increases approved in the budget and possibly from the ballot measures.

"If all that comes through, we'll be able to manage and maintain education funding. We're committed to that," she said.

But Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, representing the 73rd District says, "there is no money."

Harkey says California has taxed and spent and was not prepared for a rainy day. Despite money coming from the federal stimulus package, she says California is still in a "world of hurt." She adds that education is a high priority and reforms were made to allow for more wiggle room in how money is spent. 

Also on Friday, the budget analyst said the state is another eight billion dollars in the hole.

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