Pig Theft Suspects Caught

After days of debate over who would steal a bronze pig from outside a Chula Vista restaurant, the suspects -- two of them -- have turned themselves in.

An ATM surveillance camera caught the whole thing as it took place at daybreak on April 5.  Two men used a truck to bump the $15,000 bronze pig statue off its mount in front of the Miguel's restaurant inside the strip mall.

So who are they?

Well, they're not teenagers out after curfew. They're not undocumented immigrants as some were suggesting in comments online. They're grown men who should know better.

Oren Hertz, 34, lives in San Ysidro and cleans boats. Armando Cesena, 35, lives in Chula Vista and is now unemployed but once worked as a storage manager.

Police believe the pig may not have been their original target. Six hours earlier, the men were seen casing the ATM 40 feet away from the pig statue.

Even though the pig was returned 12 days after it was stolen, wrapped in a blanket no less, the men face serious charges.

Grand theft and conspiracy charges to be exact. Hertz is also facing auto theft charges because he was found staying in a stolen travel trailer out of Santa Clarita, according to Chula Vista police. He's also facing a charge of possession of a stolen vehicle. 

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