PICS: The Go-Go’s at Humphreys Concerts By the Bay

They still got the beat: Trailblazing group The Go-Go's rocked a scenic Humphreys Concerts By the Bay on Friday, June 29.

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Fatima Kelley
The Go-Go’s originally formed in Los Angeles in 1978.
Fatima Kelley
The group rose to fame during the early 1980s as an all-female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, hitting the top of the Billboard album charts while they were at it. Trailblazers!
Fatima Kelley
The band’s original lineup consisted of Belinda Carlisle (vocals), Jane Wiedlin (guitar, vocals, pictured right), Margot Olavarria (bass) and Elissa Bello (drums). Throughout the years, personnel changed and now Kathy Valentine plays bass (pictured left), Gina Schock plays drums (although she did not perform at the Humphreys show due to recent surgery), and Charlotte Caffey plays lead guitar for the band.
Fatima Kelley
Their 1981 debut album, “Beauty and the Beat,” is considered one of the "cornerstone albums of US new wave" (via AllMusic), breaking barriers and paving the way for a host of other new acts. (Caffey pictured)
Fatima Kelley
When the album was released, it steadily climbed the Billboard 200 chart, ultimately reaching No. 1, where it remained for six consecutive weeks. (Carlisle pictured)
Fatima Kelley
The album sold over 2 million copies and went double platinum, making it one of the most successful debut albums of all time.
Fatima Kelley
The Go-Go's broke up in 1985, but reconvened several times through the 1990s and beyond, recording new material and touring. Since their debut album, they’ve released three more studio LPs with the latest being 2001’s “God Bless the Go-Go’s.”
Fatima Kelley
“Head Over Heels,” a new musical featuring the songs of the Go-Go's, is scheduled to premiere on Broadway at the Hudson Theatre in the summer of 2018.
Fatima Kelley
The Go-Go's have sold over 7 million records worldwide. No small feat!
Fatima Kelley
The Go-Go’s performed a 20-song setlist at their June 29 show (according to, including the following: “This Town,” “Vacation,” “How Much More,” “Tonite”…
Fatima Kelley
Followed by “Automatic,” “Automatic Rainy Day,” “Mad About You” (Belinda Carlisle song), “Lust to Love,” “Here You Are,” “Cool Places” (Sparks cover)…
Along with “Cool Jerk” (the Capitols cover), “Skidmarks on My Heart,” “Get Up and Go,” “Fun With Ropes,” “The Whole World Lost Its Head,” “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “Head Over Heels.”
Fatima Kelley
They also performed two encores. The first consisted of “Beatnik Beach” and “We Got the Beat.” Their last song was “Can’t Stop the World.” Come back soon!
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