PICS: Muse at Pechanga Arena

This is not a simulation: Muse brought out 'the resistance' at Pechanga Arena on March 5.

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Allyson Ta
The band, currently on tour in support of their 2018 album "Simulation Theory," is composed of vocalist/guitarist Matt Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard.
Originally formed in Teignmouth, Devon, England in 1994, the group played songs from every chapter in their long career at the Tuesday night show. (Bellamy and Howard, pictured left to right)
The trio treated the crowd with both nonstop hit songs and an amazing, all-new stage show!
A few years ago, Pitchfork described Muse's music as "firmly ol' skool at heart: proggy hard rock that forgoes any pretensions to restraint ... their songs use full-stacked guitars and thunderous drums to evoke God's footsteps." Couldn't have said it better! (Bellamy pictured)
Their March 5 set list included more than 20 songs, such as "Algorithm" (alternative reality version), "Pressure," "Psycho," "Break It to Me," "Uprising," "Propaganda," "Plug In Baby," "The Dark Side"...
Followed by "Supermassive Black Hole," "Thought Contagion," "Hysteria," "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable," "Dig Down," "Madness," "Mercy," "Time Is Running Out"...
And "Take a Bow," "Prelude," "Starlight," Algorithm," "Stockholm Syndrome" into "Assassin" into "Reapers" into "The Handler" into "New Born," and finally, "Knights of Cydonia."
Muse released "Simulation Theory" last year, and it's their seventh studio album since their 1999 debut "Showbiz."
After enjoying prominence overseas, the band finally broke through in America with their "Absolution" album back in 2003. It's been onward and upward ever since!
They've won five MTV Europe Music Awards, eight NME awards, two Brit Awards, and two Grammy Awards. They've also sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.
As expected, the show was incredible -- and if you get the chance to see 'em elsewhere on tour, do it! Come back soon, lads!
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