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Pics: La Mesa Police Bring Coffee to Weary Costco Shoppers

Shoppers have been flocking to Costco stores around San Diego County -- bright and early -- amid the coronavirus pandemic

Evy Hernandez Reyes

San Diegans have been flocking to grocery stores to pick up supplies during the coronavirus crisis, and long lines have become the norm. This week, a group of police officers brought a little pick-me-up to weary shoppers at a Costco store in La Mesa: curbside coffee.

Officers with the La Mesa Police Department were seen stopping by the Costco on Fletcher Parkway this week with boxes of fresh Starbucks coffee.

Local resident Evy Hernandez Reyes snapped a few photos and shared them with NBC 7. The pictures show officers pouring coffee for shoppers as they stand in a long line outside the store.

Many of the customers have smiles on their faces, surprised by the simple but nice deed. Hernandez Reyes said she appreciated the kind gesture.

As the coronavirus pandemic changes life in San Diego County and the world, locals have been lining up daily at stores like Costco, waiting to buy food and supplies for their homes.

Hernandez Reyes told NBC 7 people had started lining up at the La Mesa Costco as early as 6 a.m. on the day the officers stopped by with coffee.

Costco locations have been asking customers to line up, carts in hand, and patiently wait to get into the store. Once inside, customers are sometimes directed to other lines where they can wait for a chance to grab hot commodities like toilet paper, paper towels and bottled water – if there’s any left in stock.

Hernandez Reyes said employees at the La Mesa Costco were handing out tickets so customers could get toilet paper in an orderly fashion.

“They had an amazing staff working to keep everything calm and organized,” she added.

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