PICS: Fleetwood Mac at Viejas Arena

Don't stop: Classic rock titans Fleetwood Mac brought a landslide of hits to SDSU's Viejas Arena recently.

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Allyson Ta
The Dec. 8 show was the band's first time back in San Diego since 2014 -- and it was *the* hot ticket in town. (Stevie Nicks pictured)
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The group -- which originally formed in London in 1967 and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 -- are touting a revamped lineup on their current tour. (Christine McVie pictured)
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Helmed by Stevie Nicks (vocals), Christine McVie (keyboards/vocals), John McVie (bass, pictured), and original founding drummer Mick Fleetwood -- the group added guitarist/vocalist Neil Finn (from Crowded House) and guitarist Mike Campbell (from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) to their ranks this year.
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However, that came after longtime guitarist/vocalist Lindsey Buckingham either quit or was fired from the band earlier this year (there are contradicting reports from each side). (Nicks and Fleetwood pictured, l-r)
Admittedly, we wondered if the absence of Buckingham would hinder the band's concert experience -- and while, of course, he was missed, the new group was in outstanding form throughout the show. (Campbell and Finn pictured, l-r)
Allyson Ta
It was obvious from the opening notes that there seemed to be a renewed sense of camaraderie within the group -- maybe everyone's on their best behavior with new members in the fold? Either way, nobody missed a beat. (Nicks and Campbell pictured, l-r)
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A band that's sold more than 100 million records worldwide is gonna have more than a few hits to play -- and they didn't disappoint. The group's set list consisted of 21 songs, including nearly all their huge singles and even a couple well-placed covers (courtesy of the new guys). (Christine McVie pictured)
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The show started off with "The Chain," "Little Lies," "Dreams," "Second Hand News," "Say You Love Me," and "Black Magic Woman." (Nicks pictured)
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And was followed by "Everywhere," "Rhiannon," "Tell Me All the Things You Do," "World Turning," "Gypsy," "Oh Well," and "Don't Dream It's Over" (a Crowded House song that sounded absolutely sublime by the Fleetwood Mac ensemble). (Finn pictured)
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Afterward, they continued on with "Landslide," "Hold Me," "Monday Morning," "You Make Loving Fun," "Gold Dust Woman," and "Go Your Own Way." (Nicks pictured)
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The band performed a two-song encore consisting of "Free Fallin'," (the Tom Petty hit) and the incredible, fitting finale of "Don't Stop." (Campbell pictured)
Allyson Ta
The group has claimed they're planning on recording new music with Campbell and Finn, so hopefully we'll have another album -- and tour -- on the way! (Nicks pictured)
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