PICS: Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters at Belly Up

Billy Bob Thornton & the Boxmasters delivered a goliath of a show at the Belly Up on Monday, July 16.

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Connie Bolger
Yep, you read that right: Thornton -- the Academy Award-winning actor you've seen recently in the Amazon show "Goliath" and films such as "Sling Blade" and "Monsters Ball" -- is a rockabilly/blues/country musician in his own right as well.
Thornton (pictured left), who's had a lifelong love of music, began writing songs in 1990 and has released four solo albums since 2001. His current band, the Boxmasters, have been rocking out since 2007.
Connie Bolger
As you’d expect, the Belly Up was packed to the gills with adoring fans. (Guitarist Kirk McKim pictured left)
Connie Bolger
Thornton once said in an interview: “I never intended to become a movie star, it happened accidentally … Music is what I love.”
Connie Bolger
Teddy Andreadis plays organ and piano for the group.
Connie Bolger
While on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in 2009, Thornton told the host: “I’m just in their band, I’m just one of the guys,” when speaking about the Boxmasters.
Connie Bolger
J.D. Andrew plays bass live for the group (pictured left).
Connie Bolger
Before his acting career took off, Thornton was a roadie for a time, and also played in bands covering Creedence Clearwater Revival and ZZ Top.
Connie Bolger
The Boxmasters formed in Bellflower, California, and have released six albums – their latest being 2016’s “Boys and Girls…And the World.”
Connie Bolger
Thornton, credited as “W.R. Thornton” on album credits, also plays drums on the band's records as well as handling the vocal duties.
Connie Bolger
The idea behind the Boxmasters' original formation was basically to play '60s British Invasion pop songs in the style of rockabilly.
Connie Bolger
The band started out by playing shows in California, as well as Tecate, Mexico. They released their eponymous debut on June 10, 2008 via Vanguard Records.
Connie Bolger
After releasing “Christmas Cheer,” on Nov. 11 that same year, they followed it up with “Modbilly” in 2009. Press outlets like the Houston Press gave it positive reviews -- saying “it confirms that Billy Bob Thornton’s writing talents aren’t confined to his Oscar-winning screenplays.”
Connie Bolger
“Modbilly” was followed by the “Somewhere Down the Road” and “Providence” albums in 2015. Last year marked the release of their sixth studio album. (Andreadis and McKim, right, pictured)
Connie Bolger
What a great show -- come back soon, guys!
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